Brothers Travis and Kevin Quirk have always had an appreciation for the excellent waterfowl hunting that Saskatchewan has to offer. Throughout the years they had various discussions about starting an outfitting business and when the opportunity arose to purchase a waterfowl outfitter’s license, it was an easy decision. Honker Heaven Outfitters Inc. was born.

Travis lives on and acreage near the community of Colonsay, which is the base of operations for Honker Heaven Outfitters Inc., with his wife Sierra, daughter Caryss and son Orion. Travis has several years of experience working for an outfitter as a waterfowl guide and this was an excellent learning opportunity for becoming an outfitter himself.

Kevin lives just outside of the city of Saskatoon with his wife Crystal, son Lincoln, daughter Jordin and dogs Lily & Anna. Over the past several years, Kevin has furthered his love for waterfowling by working with and training Lily as a bird dog.

Growing up in the prairie parkland of Saskatchewan, hunting, fishing and hiking have always been a big part of the brother’s lives. Whether it’s chasing big game (elk, moose, white tail deer, mule deer and antelope), game birds (grouse, pheasants and partridge) or waterfowl, they have shared many adventures.

At Honker Heaven Outfitters Inc., Travis and Kevin strive to meet and exceed all expectations by providing a memorable waterfowling adventure in a professional, relaxed and stress free manner. They are a grass roots, family run outfitter and this is apparent in their approach to making their guests feel at home while sharing an unforgettable outdoor experience.