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Honker Heaven Adventures

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[img src=]1290Sucessful snow goose hunt
7 man hunt with 105 birds, snow geese, canada geese, mallard ducks, pintails
[img src=]920Field hunt for snow geese
Snow goose hunt with some lesser Canada geese and a few ducks
[img src=]870Sandhill Crane and Canada Geese
Limit of Canada geese and a Sandhill crane
[img src=]750Northern pike through the ice
Ice fishing in north west Saskatchewan in February 2010
[img src=]620Canada geese and Specklebelly geese fly overhead
Mixed flock of Canada geese and Specklebelly geese fly overhead
[img src=]880Blue wing teal
Early season blue-wing teal shot over wetland
[img src=]700Walleye at weir in Saskatoon
Small walleye caught in the South Saskatchewan River.
[img src=]730Snow goose hunt
Field hunt for snow geese with a few lesser Canada geese and mallard ducks
[img src=]850Bull snake in south western Saskatchewan
[img src=]500Sunset in Saskatchewan
[img src=]6402010 Season opener
First hunt of the season in 2010 with neighbour
[img src=]390Antelope hunt 2009
Muzzleloader antelope hunt with anterless tag
[img src=]530Limit of Canada Geese
A good hunt of Greater Canada Geese (Honkers)
[img src=]440Canada Goose
A great morning hunt for Canada geese
[img src=]380Canada geese in water
Canada geese afloat on a lake
[img src=]650Limit of green head mallards
Late season mallard duck hunt
[img src=]440Patiently Waiting
Bird dog patiently waiting for birds to come into decoy spread
[img src=]530Field hunt for Canada Geese
Morning hunt for Canada geese
[img src=]510Field hunt for Mallards
Afternoon field duck hunt for mallards
[img src=]440Canada and Specklebelly hunt
Morning dark geese hunt for Canadas and Speklebellys
[img src=]420Canada Geese flock in flight
Canada geese morning flight
[img src=]500Dark geese field hunt
Successful dark goose hunt
[img src=]700Afternoon duck hunt
Result of an afternoon duck hunt over water
[img src=]440Canada geese landing flight
Wings locked as these Canada geese set their wings to land.
[img src=]470Black Lab watching birds
Retriever ready to take action and retrieve birds
[img src=]420Canada geese in flight
Large flocks of Canada geese deciding where to feed for the day
[img src=]570Calling Geese
Calling geese to entice them into the decoy spread
[img src=]570Mallards on frozen pond
Late in the season ponds begin to freeze before the ducks are ready to migrate south
[img src=]470Goose nest with eggs
Unusual Canada goose nest made out of cattails over water
[img src=]380Canada Goose & Gosslings
Goslings first venture away from nest with a very protective mother Canada goose
[img src=]490Late fall goose hunt
Excellent conditions for a goose hunt in the fog and light snow in a swathed field
[img src=]420Focused retreiver
Springer spaniel watching birds as the circle and ready themselves to come to the decoy spread
[img src=]540Dog Retrieving Coot
Water retrieval of a coot in the cattails
[img src=]200Saskatchewan Sunrise
Peaceful morning sunrise over the Saskatchewan fields
[img src=]120Canada geese in flight
Canada geese flying from the night time roost to a nearby field for the morning feeding
[img src=]260Upland hunt
Sharp-tail grouse and Hungarian partridge
[img src=]380Stringer of Perch
Results of a good day fishing
[img src=]220Matching Moose sheds
Matching shed moose antlers found in a pasture during a hike
[img src=]220Prarie crocus
First flowers to bloom in spring on the prairies
[img src=]230Canada geese flying over lake
Canada geese flying over lake to join the rest of the flock
[img src=]560Spring Snow goose hunt
Spring snow goose hunt on one of the large wetlands

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