Waterfowl Hunts


Duck CallingWe strive to target the species you want to hunt.  Great Canadians, Lessers, Speckle Bellies, Snow and Ross Geese are all abundant in the morning waterfowl hunt. Be sure to bring duck loads as well as there is usually a lot of quack action in the morning.

Afternoon’s hunt is focused on ducks over water or in the fields. There is nothing quite like spending your afternoon sitting in a blind over a marsh and listening to the relaxing sounds of quack-boom-splash. Sandhill Cranes are also abundant in the area and can be targeted for some exciting waterfowl hunting.

Your spotters and guides will use their judgment to put you on, what they feel, is the best opportunity for the next morning, but the final decision is yours.

Hunting Dog & DecoysGuides will do set up of decoys but if everyone pitches in, some additional sleep can be had. Dark Goose hunts are made successful with the use of 8+ dozen full body Big Foot Decoys. Snow Goose hunts utilize a set made up of up to 1000 windsocks, several flyers and motion decoys and an electronic caller. Individual Avery Finisher blinds (layout blinds) woven with natural cover are strategically placed among the set or custom made upright willow blinds for those that prefer to be in a more upright hunting postion.

Feel free to bring your own calls and use them… the more proficient callers the better! Your dogs are also more than welcome to join the hunt.

Honker Heaven Outfitters will be offering filming of your guided hunts to share with family and friends. Footage will be professionally edited and you and your hunting party will be starring in your own outdoor adventure! Must be booked in advance of your arrival. Please contact us for pricing and details.

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