Saskatchewan Regulations


White Geese 20/ day unlimited
* includes Snow, Blues, Ross Geese
Canada Geese & Specks 8/ day 24 possession
Ducks 8/ day 24 possession
Sandhill Cranes 5/ day 15 possession
  • Season runs from early September to December. Exact season dates, regulations and bag limits can be found by accessing the current hunting and trapping guide at Saskatchewan Environment
  • In order to cross the border with you guns you must first register them with customs.
  • You may pre-register by having your serial #’s and a credit card and calling customs in Saskatoon @ (306) 975-4755 Ext. #2. This is fast and easy or you download the form RCMP 5589 from Royal Canadian Mounted Police or phone 1-800-731-4000 for more information. Also feel free to contact us for any help you may need.