What to bring

What You Don’t Need

Transportation to and from hunts, accommodations, meals, spotters, guides, licenses, decoys, blinds and boats are all provided through Honker Heaven Outfitters.

Pick up from airport in Saskatoon is provided for clients arriving on flights and detailed driving directions are provided for clients driving themselves to our hunting area.

Bird cleaning and packaging are provided (wing left on for legal transport) and custom cleaning can be arranged.

What You Do Need

Fall in Saskatchewan is unpredictable. Mornings can range from cool to cold and afternoons from summer to sub zero temperatures.

It’s imperative that you layer your clothes and have the ability to put on or remove as the weather dictates. Being hot or cold can ruin a days hunting! Wool or polypropylene undergarments work well to move moisture away from the body while still insulating.

An outer layer of camouflage is a must for proper concealment and a full camouflage face mask is very important as birds flare off faces, hair, glasses, etc. Bring an assortment of good gloves ranging from light to heavy. You should be able to shoot with your gloves on.

You will also need:

  • hip/chest waders (optional if you do not want to hunt over water)
  • rain gear
  • headlamp – great for setting out decoys on early morning hunts
  • shotguns (must be plugged to allow 2 shots in the magazine and 1 in the chamber).
  • cooler (for taking the birds home)
  • comfortable waterproof boots
  • ammunition (recommend BB for geese and #2-#4 for ducks)

Additional Travel Considerations

Guests that are flying should check with their airline on specifics of traveling with a firearm.  Guns should be packed in hard sided cases with a lock on every locking port provide on the case.  Avoid transporting gun parts/accessories onto the plane as they will likely be confiscated.  These items (chokes, slings, etc) no matter how minor should be packed in your luggage or secured in your gun case.

Schedule connecting flights with adequate time between flights.  Return flights should have at least 2 hours connecting time to take into account time spent at customs and TSA checkpoints when transporting waterfowl and shotguns.

Numerous other hunters will be on similar flights so expect some delays in Saskatoon in getting your firearm through Canadian Customs.  Ideally this should only take a few minutes but in some cases it can take up to an hour due to the volume of waterfowl hunters.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need information about travel.