Saskatchewan Freelance Waterfowl Hunting

Freelance waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan is excellent and would rank high among North America’s best places to hunt waterfowl. If you are interested in experiencing a Canadian Prairie waterfowl hunt but are an experienced enough waterfowl hunter that you don’t require the services of a guide and you are willing to put in the extra work to make the trip a success we can be of assistance to help facilitate your trip.

We can help you enjoy more of your trip by allowing you more time in the field hunting by decreasing the amount of travel time . Driving your own decoy spread any distance is time consuming and not always the most economical way to travel especially with the current cost of gasoline. This will still give you the flexibility to travel within the province of Saskatchewan and hunt on your own schedule on your own terms. The sense of accomplishment for not only participating in a successful hunt but in the preparation and conclusion of a once in a life time hunt is very rewarding and worthy of sharing with your closest hunting buddies.

We have available for rent a complete Dark goose hunting spread for up to 5 hunters. This spread can be used to field hunt Canada Geese, ducks (Mallards, Pintails, Widgeon), white-fronted geese (Specklebelly Geese) and even Sandhill cranes. This is a perfect spread for morning hunts and for the afternoons we also include floating duck decoys for a good pothole hunt over water if desired.

Decoy Rental includes:

5 Avery Final Approach layout blinds
8 dozen Big Foot Canada Goose decoys
2 dozen GHG mallard field decoys
3 spinning wing Robo-Duck
2 dozen floating duck decoys

All gear will be stored and transported in a 2010 14 foot H & H trailer.

We will arrange to meet you in Saskatoon and get you acquainted with all the equipment upon your arrival to the province. You will be responsible for supplying a suitable vehicle to tow the trailer and its contents. Once you are on your own we can also be reached 24hrs a day for the duration of your stay to answer any questions you may have.

Rental rates:

Daily rate – $300
3 day rental rate – $750
Weekly rate – $1100

Deposit of 75% of rental fee required to reserve decoys and remainder of balance due upon pickup.
Taxes (5%) will be added to final rental price.

Decoy Rental Package

Please contact us for availability and details.

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